Frequently Asked Questions

Who would have thought that with one package, you can lose weight, manage your cholesterol and energy levels and stay as youthful as you can ever be? Indeed, there is one product that has it all – Acai Berry!

Since its introduction to the market, lots of consumers were awed with its numberous health benefits. Though it is labeled as an dietary supplement, it also functions as an all-in-one-antioxidant and energy booster that contributes to the overall health and wellness of an individual.


How Acai Berry Works in Various Aspects of Health?
The world's leading weight loss solution is produced from pure acai berry extract. Studies show that this ingredient contains a number of vitamins and minerals that are essential to human health. It has sufficient ammounts of fiber, antioxidants and fatty acids that can help you maintain health in a number of ways.

In the aspect of weight management, acai berry makes use of its antioxidants and fiber content to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. When the body burns fat, it is expected to consume too much of your strength and energy.

But with high levels of antioxidants in your body, you can have adequate nutritional support that can keep your energy up while your body continues to burn fat. Since the antioxidant level and efficiency of acai berry has been proven and tested by its O.R.A.C. or Oxygen Radical Absorbance capacity value, you can guarantee that it will help you in protecting your body from oxidation. So even if you are exposed to maximum amounts of free radicals, acai berry can help prevent it from causing damage to your cells. Thus, no matter how much free radicals you produce during the fat burning process by way of exercise and other activities, your body's energy level is sitll maintained and strengthened.

As for the reduction of cholesterol levels, acai berry also has the essential elements that can make this happen. But first, you should know that cholesterol can have good and bad effects to your health. Though good cholesterol aids in the protection of cell membranes and is essential in the body's hormonal system, bad cholesterol can heighten the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This makes it necessary for you to effectively manage your cholesterol levels.
If you have an enhanced level of cholesterol, acai berry can lower it significantly. This dietary supplement actually contains fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 which are all proven to be effective in battling the bad qualities of cholesterol. These fatty acids function by decreasing the level of bad cholesterol present in your body as it increases the level of good cholesterol. Through this, you are also reducing the risk and occurrence of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Additionally, acai berry plays an important role in preventing the rapid aging process. Most people have been striving to maintain their youth through the use of various products and methods. But just with the components of acai berry, it is possible for you to slow down the aging process. It has appropriate nutritional components that are effective in eliminating free radicals in your system. If you can keep this up, you can effectively protect your body from degeneration.

What are the ingredients present in the AcaiBerry supplement?
Our AcaiBerry supplement has exactly 500mg of purely concentrated Acai extract which is equal to approximately 20,000mg of the fresh berries. Every bottle has sixty pills. Recommended dosage is one or two capsules daily.

How long will it take before the effects are noticed?
The effects of Acai berries will be noticed exactly two hour or less prior to consumption of your daily dose. You will feel an immediate energy boost and this will eliminate problems like tiredness and lethargy making you more energetic & alert. The other benefits like weight loss, ageing and anti oxidant will be seen after a week.

Do I require any prescription before using it?

No. AcaiBerry is a pure super food and doesn't include any chemicals, so you don't need a prescription.

Does AcaiBerry have any side effects?
AcaiBerry doesn't have any known side effects, but if you do experience some side effects please cease consumption and see your doctor.

If I purchase my order right now, how long will it take before I get my order?
Normally, we take approximately 24 hours to process an order and then ship it to any corner of the world from New Zealand for free. Currently, the delivery time to anywhere in the globe is 5-12 days but for only $29.95 we can upgrade your order to shipping by courier which takes a couple of days.

What are payment options?
You can pay for your order via credit card using our online order form. We also offer Paypal, Wire Transfer and Western Union as payment options. For any other form of payment you can contact us.

Can you ship my order to my country?
Yes, since our product contains 100% pure acai berry, we can ship it to anywhere in the world.

Will I get my money back if am not satisfied with your product?

Although unlikely, but if you are not satisfied 100% with the results you get, you can ship back our supplements within sixty days of purchase and we will happily give you a full refund (minus any handling or shipping fees) on all unopened bottles and up to one opened bottle even if it is completely empty. If you would like more information about returning a product, please contact us.

With the numberous health benefits that Acai berry has to offer, it is regarded as an investment worthy for its price.

Since its effects are noticeable in just a matter of days, you can instantly put it to a test. But based on the number of sold capsules and the increasing number of users, Acai Berry is undoubtedly the leading and most effective weigh management solution in the world.